Fabian William Academy

Back in 2010, after coming back from training the Commando's Army Half Marathon teams, Coach Fabian wanted to inculcate the same grit and tenacity in developing youths. Already a homegrown name in athletics, he set out to get accredited in coaching from ATFCA, ITU and IAAF. Together with expertise in Exercise and Sports Science from Coach Shawn, we have grown to be an all-rounded elite coaching avenue based on the Long Term Athlete Development model. From success in athletics and triathlons, FWA athletes carry the same perseverance in life.


Personalized experiences for optimizing and exploring one's athletic potential

Long Term Athlete Development Model

The Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model is a framework for an optimal training, competition and recovery schedule for each stage of athletic development. 

Focus On Process

Here at FWA, we focus not on goals and results, but on the process. We don't just coach athletes. We build people.

We create champions 

Meet Our Team

Fabian William

Founder, Athlete, Coach, Dad

Shawn Wee
Head Coach, Pokemon Go Player, Guitarist in Kuddabin, Listens to Taylor Swift

Kabilan Naidu

Senior Coach, Head Marketing, Self-Professed Vasantham Star

Coach, the silent one...

Coach, Head Rehab Trainer, Budget AngMoh

Kamarulzaman Bin Tahir
Coach, Ex-SEA Games Jumper & Coach